ThTCMPL1 Salon A/B (Thursday, 16:15 to 17:15)

Industry Panel Session: AI in Industry

Chair: Aditya Mahajan McGill University
Co-Chair: Lacra Pavel University of Toronto


  • Dr. Arnaud Zinflou Research Scientist, Hydro Quebec
  • Dr. Emmanuel Thepie Fapi Senior Data Scientist, Ericsson
  • Dr. Jhelum Chakravorty Scientist, Hitachi Energy
  • Dr. Anthony Hilliard Research Team Manager, Hitachi Energy

An industry panel discussion on research questions as well as practical concerns
that need to be addressed to bring out the potential of AI beyond traditional computer
science domains. Participant panel members are technical specialists from
some of the industrial companies with strong presence in Montreal. After a short
introduction, the panelists will address some of the opportunities and challenges of
AI industry, based on questions from the organizers and from the audience. This
interface is expected to provide fruitful discussions and promising new research